A university lecturer and researcher from ENSAT, supporting an European COST programon a technique to measure the degradation of DNA

University lecturer and researcher at the ENSAT, Bertrand Pourrut organized a COST program hCOMET meetingon March 18th and 19th in Toulouse. The research theme was the Comet assay (or test of comets), a technique allowing to measure the DNA deterioration.

There were 45 scientists from 23 different countries gathered in Toulouse in a pleasant atmosphere. They discussed in working groups on topics related to the DNA degradation and populations health and especially factors leading to diseases like cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.. (diet, smoking, exposure to pesticides ...).


 What is the European COST program ?
The aim of this research program is to promote networking between researchers from European countries and promoting young scientists, particularly through Summer School and Training School.  The research theme must be of general interest andgather researchers from at least 5 European countries. The four years program includes 2 to 4 gatherings per year.


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