Public relations

The ENSAT has developed a strong network of public partnerships through different agreements world-wide. Our Public Relations Office is committed to developing strong private partnership networks at the national and international level, enabling our students to get hands-on training within companies or research laboratories.


One of our strategies relies on having 100 % of our students having been abroad for at least 3 months. Most of our students spend 7 to 19 months abroad.

7 months: One semester plus a 3-month internship abroad

19 months: One semester plus a 3-month internship abroad plus a “Gap year” (12 months).


Toulouse INP has introduced the “GAP YEAR” within its curriculum. During the “Gap year”, students are still enrolled at the ENSAT but they go on professional experience through internships in private or public institutions.


ENSAT students contribute to challenging research and professional projects of private and public institutions by their input and expertise acquired during the course of their 3-years training.


These different opportunities provide students with hands-on training by learning from experienced professionals. Internships are often tools in the decision-making process concerning career development. They expand employment openings and allow students to adapt to different working methods and to different codes of conducts and ethics both at the national and international levels.  


Mandatory internship periods



How long



1st year

6 weeks on the same farm

in March/April, July/August or October/November

2nd year

12 weeks

from June to August

3rd year

24 weeks

from March to September


2nd year

24 weeks

from March to September

National Diploma of Oenology

1st year

4 weeks

6 weeks

from the end of June

to September/October

2nd year

12 weeks

from July to September


The ENSAT Alumni association « Agro Toulousains »

The « Agro Toulousains » association is the link between our Engineering students and the employment sector, facilitating professional integration and exposure The Alumni network provides  the information and contacts needed for recruitment and integration in professional bodies.





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