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The ENSAT is the Graduate School of Life Sciences of Toulouse. The ENSAT is a public and national « Grande Ecole » , funded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and  specialized in Agriculture Science, Food Science, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Sustainable Development and Management. The ENSAT is a Graduate School of National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse.  

France has a highly selective system of "Grandes Écoles", i.e. institutes training high level engineers, in parallel with a large network of Universities, dealing mainly with basic sciences. A large proportion of managers and executives in major companies, both private and public, come from these "Grandes Ecoles". The “Grandes Ecoles” system is characterised by highly selective recruitment, a progressive specialisation and strong links with research and industry.

At the ENSAT, the staff are committed to a mission of training, research and expertise. This mission is based on the specialities of the researches involved : Food, Sustainable Agriculture, Biotechnology, Environment and Territories.

The ENSAT offers foreign students the opportunity to prepare for the Engineer’s degree in Agricultural Sciences, several Master’s degrees in Agricultural Sciences, Food Sciences or Environmental Sciences and the possibility to complete a thesis (PhD) in the best European laboratories.  The ENSAT cooperates with numerous institutions through the world through student exchanges with other European countries (ERASMUS) as well as with the U.S. and Canada (CREPUQ), research programs, or programs for the development of the French language (AUF). The ENSAT is proud to welcome more than 75 international students (15 %) from more than 40 countries in the framework of the student exchange programs or enrolled in specific degree programs.



In 2009, the ENSAT celebrated its centenary: a century of agronomy.

Founded in 1909 by Paul Sabatier, Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry, the Agricultural Institute moved to the Avenue de Muret in the centre of Toulouse in 1948 and became the National Institute of Agronomy (ENSAT) of Toulouse.

In 1970, the Institute participated in the creation of the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse (INPT) which combines the Institute of Electrotechnology, Electronics, Computer sciences, Hydraulics and Telecommunications (ENSEEIHT) and the Institute of Chemistry, Industrial and Chemical Engineering and Technology (ENSIACET).

In January 1998, ENSAT moved to the heart of the AgroBioHub of Toulouse-Auzeville.

ENSAT is located in Auzeville-Tolosane, near Toulouse, in the heart of Europe. Access is easy by public transport (metro line B and bus n°62), at 20 minutes from the “Place du Capitole”, the historic center of Toulouse. For more informations, read Practical Information to live in Toulouse.


How to become a student ?

The ENSAT offers innovative and interdisciplinary graduate programs: Engineer’s degree in Agronomy, master’s degree in agricultural sciences, environmental sciences and food sciences, and doctoral programs in life sciences.

The ENSAT offers graduate programs in English (all courses taught in English) or in French (courses in French and some courses in English requiring a good level of French).

The ENSAT welcomes students from other countries. About 15 % of our students from nearly 40  different nationalities are studying at our school. There are possibilities to come to study at the ENSAT :

Exchange students: Erasmus , Brafragri, Brafitec, Mexfitec, Bilateral agreement ...

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Regular students for the completion of a degree

The tuition fees are fixed each year by the ministry of higher education and research: master’s degree 250 €, engineer’s program 550€, doctoral program (PhD) 350 €. 

Graduate Programs in English 

- master’s AgroFood Chain

- master’s Risk management

- doctoral program (PhD) in life sciences

Graduate Programs in French 

- Engineer degree in Agricultural sciences, Food sciences and Environnemental sciences.
Read more information about the engineer’s degree program in French or in English 

- Master's Programs master’s in biotechnology, ecology, nutrition, geomatic, rural sociology, the environment climatic change

- National Diploma of eonology : vine and wine sciences   


Research and Innovation

 150 research scientists at the service of industry

Life sciences are at the heart of the research conducted in the 7 laboratories of the ENSA, revolving around 4 major themes: Plant Biotechnology, Food Processing and Safety, Territories, sectors of quality food processing, socioeconomic development of rural areas, Environmental science and Engineering and land management. Read


The thrilling student life at the ENSAT : Once upon a time in the SouthWest …

The student life at the ENSAT is organised by the Student Office (BDE). The objective of the Student Office is to promote student involvement and spirit. Read    


Alumni Association

The ALIAT alumni association maintains ties between former students, the faculty and current students. Read      


Practical Information to come to the ENSAT and to live in Toulouse




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