Organize your stay


All students need a passport or identity card valid for the whole period of their stay. Besides, all non-EU students should apply for a visa before coming to France at the Haute-Garonne “Prefecture”.


More information :


You can make an appointment and e-application through the “Prefecture” website. (In French)



The ENSAT has few accommodation possibilities in students’ Hall of Residences managed by the CROUS and cannot always secure accommodation to all international students. There is no on-campus accommodation.

However, several other accommodation options are available :

  •  Privately owned students’ residences :

  •  Take advantage of the ERASMUS students’ network in Toulouse

  • Shared accommodations :,

  •  Private rentals: Unfurnished of furnished studios or apartments. An additional months’ rent is needed if you go through an estate agent. No additional fee via direct contact with the owner.

  • Accommodation in guest house (homestay):


Housing allowance

 Students have the possibility of claiming public housing benefits by the Caisse d’allocations familiales. Please visit the website :


The guarantor

A guarantor is usually asked by the landlord, in case you are not able to pay your rent. The CROUS (Regional Education Center) offers a special service called “Clé” to get a guarantee for your accommodation.

More details here



A deposit equal to at least one month’s rent is usually required. The Toulouse Town Hall can provide free of interests’ credits in order to help you pay the deposit.


Home insurance

Subscription to a home insurance is compulsory to cover any eventual accidents and burglary. You will need to hand it in to your landlord before moving into your accommodation. Any insurance companies or bank can provide this type of insurance.



Upon registration, all students should subscribe to the students’health insurance “Sécurité Sociale” (around 200 Euros) and to a civil liability insurance “mutuelle”(between 60 to 600 Euros depending on the insurance), both mandatory.


You come from an EU country

You need to hold a European Health Insurance Card that will cover the “Sécurité Sociale” and the complementary health insurance called “Mutuelle”. The card needs to be valid during the entire period of you stay.


You come from a non-EU country

It is compulsory to subscribe to the health insurance “Sécurité Sociale” and the civil liability insurance upon registration to the ENSAT. The complementary health insurance is also available to subscription upon registration.

You will have to choose between 2 students’ insurance companies:




Students holding a grant from a foreign government and exchange students may in few cases be exempted from paying health insurances.



It is essential to have a bank account in France so as to be able to pay your rent, to make card payments etc. Here is a list of the main French banks you can contact to make an appointment: La Poste, Crédit Mutuel, Crédit Agricole, Caisse d’épargne, BNP Paribas, Banque Populaire etc.



Students holding a grant from a foreign government and exchange students may in few cases be exempted from registration fees. All other students will have to pay tuition fees upon registration at the ENSAT. Exchange students from partner universities are waived from tuition fees.

Approximate tuition fees :

Bachelor's: 200 €

Master's: 250 €

PhD: 400 €



Here is some guidance as to the cost of living in Toulouse:

-          Accommodation: between 150 € to 600 €/month

-          Lunch in University restaurants: around 60 €/month

-          Transportation: 10 € :students under 26 can buy a monthly ticket for unlimited public transports


The University of Toulouse helps you giving you a list of expenses you can expect  when moving to France and providing a tool to assess your accommodation budget (in French).




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