Networks and partners

The ENSAT is a founder member of the Toulouse Agri-Campus , international center of research, academics and industrial sectors of the French South-West Agribusiness sectors, with more than 60 research institutions, 800 research scientists and teaching faculty members, 3000 post-graduate and 250 Ph.D students and some 150 post-docs. More than 200 private companies of the agro-industrial, the food and the environmental sectors are major contributors of the network. Toulouse Agri-Campus also federates the Agrofood Chain Master’s programme.


The engineering programme at the ENSAT is mandated by the French “Commission du Titre des Ingénieurs”

 The French “Commission du Titre des Ingénieurs” (CTI) evaluates academics of all Engineering Schools to develop quality training and to promote the Title within and beyond borders. 


The ENSAT is a member of the “Conférence des Grandes Ecoles”

The “Conférence des Grandes Écoles”(CGE) offers a State recognition of a nationally-certified degree after five years study in Engineering Schools, Management schools and higher education institutions offering other specialities. The CGE accredits its members' educational programs and provides a quality label as a guarantee that these programs meet the expectations of the labor market, within public agencies, economic stakeholders or civil society.


The ENSAT participates in the French Institute for Agricultural, Forestry, and Veterinary Sciences

The French Institute for Agricultural, Forestry, and Veterinary Sciences (Agreenium) develops and implements joint education and research strategies among its members on a national, European, and international scale to meet the challenges of sustainable development and food security.


The ENSAT is a member of the French « Campus Responsables » network aiming at sharing and implementing practices towards sustainability in French-speaking countries by integrating the concept of sustainability into their educational programs.  



The National Institute of Agronomy

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