Student associations

A word from the students’ offices (BDE)


“Of course you don’t know it yet but you’re craving to join the ENSAT because studying at the ENSAT means living in Toulouse and this means living in a sunny region.

But above all, studying at the ENSAT means :

  • Being surrounded by motivated and engaged students with limitless imagination able to organise huge and crazy events
  • Living a whole week of gang war during which the ENSAT becomes the stage of life in Chicago in the 30s
  • Going to the cafeteria (K’FET) in day time or evening  time if you wish to have a break or a great party
  • Participating in interschool championships which are usually unforgettable
  • Going on a ski trip with the famous Ski’Team or to Barcelona for a week-end
  • Becoming a member of associations and clubs such as the drama, rock, salsa, climbing, horse-riding, oenology, photo clubs.


Now if there is only one thing to remember, then it has to be the students’ office because we already love you and we want you to have a great time at the ENSAT.


Bureau Des Etudiants (bde @

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ENSAT events

  • Agro runs : Two running races (5 and 10 kms) along the Canal du Midi
  • Impro’ccitanies : Many international teams challenging each other at theatre  improvisation
  • Integration: The integration week organized by and for the students to make a sensational start in the ENSAT student life.
  • INP musical: a stunning show with talented musicians, dancers, singers and actors of the INP Toulouse.


Inter-schools events

  • Les Occitanies : This 2 days’ sport competition is organized every year by 3 Agronomy schools in the same region: Bordeaux, Montpellier and Toulouse.
  • Les Inter-agros : 4 days’ sport competition between more than 2000 agronomy students throughout France (Montpellier, Paris, Rennes, Nancy, Toulouse).
  • Les OL'INP : All INP Campuses (ENSAT, ENSIACET, ENSEEITH and INP preparatory classes) challenge each other in this 2 days’ sport competition.
  • Les Oenopiades : The annual meeting of students coming from the 5 training centres in France preparing for the National Diploma of Oenology.
  • Ski week: A not-to-be-missed event! Many activities organized such as sledge competitions, giant slalom, boarder cross, and for beginners: free ski or snowboard lessons.




The National Institute of Agronomy

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