Core values and Mission statement




Director: Prof. Grégory DECHAMP-GUILLAUME
Deputy Director: Dr Anne BERNADAC

Director of studies: Prof. Thierry Liboz

Research Coordinator: Prof.Pascal Laffaille
Administrative and Finance Officer: Ms Laurence RESSEJAC

Grégory Dechamp-Guillaume



Our vision is to prone excellence in matter of education and research training, so that our students become future actors of a sustainable economic development on a global scale.


Our values target affordable quality education accessible to everyone. We offer an array of educational programs that will train students in the fields of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences so that they can be fully operational upon recruitment in the professional and international sphere.


Our mission is aimed at fostering excellence and innovative methods of education to our students, so that they anticipate challenges, in a changing world and that they respond to the expectations of the community on an international scale. We endeavor to develop creativity and apply it to professional fields by building opportunities for innovative entrepreneur partnerships with business or charitable foundations.


We prepare our students to hold leading roles faced to the moving needs of consumers, by taking advantage of the interdisciplinary attributes of our Institution as a major stimulus for teaching and research.


To this end, we evaluate the necessity to appraise on-going programs, create new ones relevant to the expectations of identified needs, and include stakeholders in the decisions that may affect them. These are performed according to a quality management scheme.

We offer opportunities and strongly encourage our students to participate in extra-curricular activities through sports, music, dance, arts and other cultural activities.


The National Institute of Agronomy

Avenue de l’Agrobiopole - BP 32607 - Auzeville-Tolosane 31326 CASTANET-TOLOSAN Cedex

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