Apolline Duchalais, 2nd year student is the winner of the international competition organized by the Royal Aeronautical Society and Rolls-Royce. Congratulations !




Each year, the Toulouse branch of RAeS (Royal Aeronautical Society) organizes a competition of technical presentations in English language of the field of aeronautics and space sponsored by Rolls-Royce and is open to student engineers.


Lucas Domingos, 3rd year student, and Apolline Duchalais, 2nd year student, participated in this competition of scientific presentations.

They managed to rank among the top 3 finalists and represented ENSAT on February 19 during the grand finale orchestrated by Rolls Royce and the Airbus group. They each supported their oral presentation in English in the Airbus Symposium Hall in front of aeronautical professionals.


Lucas discussed the use of remote sensing techniques for better biodiversity management and Apolline presented how to optimize human nutrition in the space environment. Apolline having won the 1st prize, she thus offers the 3rd trophy at ENSAT, which was won in 2017 by Antoine Firmin (T15) with a talk on plant physiology in space and by Yoann Lo Monaco ( T10) in 2012 for a presentation on the use of micro-algae for aviation. She will now go to England to meet space officials and visit Rolls Royce.


Thank you to our two students, who have represented ENSAT with dignity in this competition not originally thought for agronomists.

This prize crowns the communication work in English at ENSAT, orchestrated by Anne Alibert, teacher, who accompanied them all along.


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